We have extensive experience representing Personal Representatives (Executors), Trustees, heirs, beneficiaries and other interested parties
in various controversies involving wills, trusts
and estates.

Trust and Estate Litigation

From time to time, disputes arise relating to the manner in which an estate or a trust has been planned or administered. These disputes include will contests; challenges to beneficiary designations for life insurance policies, retirement plan benefits, bank accounts, and brokerage accounts; challenges to the validity of trusts; challenges to the validity of lifetime gifts; objections to accounts rendered by Personal Representatives or Trustees; claims arising from alleged misconduct by Personal Representatives and Trustees; and disagreements regarding assessment of estate tax.

King & Navins, P.C. has represented clients for many years in these disputes, some of which have been settled, and some of which have been litigated through lengthy trial to judgment. Our expertise in trust and estate law and our use of sophisticated litigation computer software enable us to compete successfully against teams of lawyers in large Boston firms at lower cost to our clients.